I am going to be getting an 02 busa ASAP, im trading in my harley for one, and was wondering if any of you guys can give me some recommendations. Such as: things to be aware of, tell tale signs for problems, riding tips, etc...anything that would help.

I just can't wait to get my busa, i can hardly contain myself

BTW, if anyone is in the market for a 2000 sportster custom, send an email. Sooner i see it, the sooner i get a busa
Go easy, this machine has 125 HP at 3500 rpm's (more powerful than a locomotive). You can go faster than a Harley in second gear (faster than a speeding bullet)! Kinda like a Harley with 3 engines on it (its super-busa).

It's just to damn quiet...
My only recommendation is to hang on....

Honestly though you're gonna love it, but be careful to not get left behind. It takes a little while to get used to this thing. It isn't like some of the other sportbikes that are all HP and have a gradual power curve. This thing has so much torque the first few times I hit it I thought I was gonna fall off the back

Be afraid, be very afraid. These things eat Harleys and poop everything else. Faster in second gear than every Harley I've ever ridden. Welcome to the real world of motorcycling my friend. Use your head a busa can kill in an instant. Way to fast for the average rider. If you see someone on a busa, they are one of 2 things. Smart or talented. Myself I am both. Order a zero gravity double bubble windscreen. Not only will it allow you to see the gauges, but you can also fit under it for full tuck top speed runs. Enjoy
Just remember for about the same turn on the throttle you will be going about 100 miles faster than the Harley.
Im 6.0 ft tall, I weigh around 230, and I am 18(I think im still growing). Would the double bubble give me a much better ride? Also, would any of you recommend a gel seat. :argue:

BTW: just because im 18, it doesnt mean i am a squid, because im not.
Very interesting, I'm not the only rider afraid of this bike. After a 20-year absence from riding, within two years I was on a Busa. Holy poop, I've competed in risk taking sports my whole life, with the previous 1 in Mountain Bike Racing at the age of 43. And then there is ripping it up at the Gorge in 50+mph winds or skiing power up to your armpits in the tree line. Back to holy poop, you need fear and fun right, that's what riding the Busa is all about, quite right. BE CARFULL and have fun.
Buy the bubble @ 6'5" it made a nice change for me from stock.... for the seat, i don't mind the stock one... it's not bad.
Get some full leathers or joe rocket mesh or some cordura riding apparrel.... You wont see to many riding busas in a pair of chaps and a leather vest
... Oh don't forget to buckle your seatbelt cause this is like a rocket sled.

welcome to the family

. I am not very proud of the "harley" image. I going to get a Joe Rocket Speedmaster Gunmetal/Black/White/Chrome body armor jacket. Doesn't the name, speedmaster, just seem perfectly made for a busa(or perhaps a 12R)?

Thanks for letting me join the family!