I am considering replacing the stock pegs/brackets/foot-levers and and looking for suggestions. I have seen a number such as Attack, PP Tuning, Vortex, Agras, & Gilles Tooling but I am concerned about whether or not they can mount the rear brake switch for instance and which ones can adjust (preferably to the stock location).

I am really not interested in moving from the stock locations just looking for a better looking and lighter than stock set-up.

Any advice? These things are not cheap ($400-500 approx.) so I do not want to screw up here.
i do not know which is best, but I do know I like Vortex for me and my riding style.
Bought Yoshimura rear sets about a year or so ago for half price on ebay. Good thing I liked the position because they are not adjustable. Not proud of the way I attached the rear brake light, but it does make it easy to detach and stuff up under the seat when you head to the track.

Update: Just looked at Harris rearsetsfrom EMA-USA. They come anodized in black or gold so I am leaning towards them now. I will have to call to see if they mount the brake switch but I am sold due to them being black or gold either of which would look really cool on my pumkin Busa. I really want other than silver if I can find them. In fact right now I am attempting to black out the stock parts to see what it looks like. Silver looks dumb against a black frame and swingarm.
look at sato racing, I saw them in Seca this year and I realy want a set of them. VERY NICE!!! come in black, silver, gold, and go for 450 a set. And very very light!
$500 a set!!!!! I can think of other upgrades that would make a bigger difference for the money...

Yeah not a cost-effective mod unless you are racing, which I do not, but I really want something better looking and in particular, I want them black or gold. I am having difficulty having the stock parts painted or powdercoated due to the design of the stock parts and the fact that they are basically aluminum castings that do not take well to powdercoat. Not to mention the fact that there are wear surfaces to consider and mouting holes that need to be masked etc (which also cannot be done in powdercoating). I know why Suzuki makes them silver. It is a pain in the butt to make them black. But I am still working on it.

Either way I am still looking into the rear sets. I will try to locate Sato brand. I have not seen them yet.

Ninja eater, how did you mount your rear brake switch to the Vortex parts? Does it mount standard or did you modify?
EAK, hear is pic of the Sato sets, I was wrong about the price but there 475 insted of 450. Got to web site to find out more. The site says it only comes in silver but I have a flyer that says it comes in silver, black, and gold.

Hope this helps.
Thanks Jester, I actually found a site that sells them in black and gold. They look real nice. Now it's a toss up between Harris or Sato. Both look like good choices.
Can you adjust the SATO rearsets..... the pic tells me nope!
I will probably get the Gilles.
Here's what I found on a site that sells the Sato rear sets.

Double stainless ball bearings
Zero looseness or wobble
Knurled footpegs
No slip traction
fully adjustable footpegs
Anodized finish
Silver, Black or Gold

Price: From $450.00

So it looks like they are adjustable. Not sure how from the pictures I have seen. The Gilles sets look really nice but I don't think they mount the brake switch and I would rather not have to rig something if I do not have to.
the sato sets have exact holes drilled for the switch, the gilles dont, you have to get an heal rest in carbon fiber thats like 150 more. (from what Ive been told)

I like them both my self but I think I would go with the Sato first.

Just my .02