Racing School

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* please pardon the interruption... I just had to brag a little *

Well... It is official... me and my buddy Dan are signed up for Kevin Schwantz's Suzuki Racing School in Atlanta (Road Atlanta Race Track). We are doing the two day training on October 27th and 28th. We will be riding their GSXR 600's. I can't wait...

* we now return you to your regularly scheduled discussion *
That should be a blast.
Yeah... Plus I could use the training!

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I have taken the bike way over (no fresh rubber left on tread) on the right, but, can't bring myself to do the same on the left (there is about 1/4 inch of new tire on the edge). I think it has something to do with "yellow line fever" and the maniac cage drivers around here. Can't tell you how many times a box on wheels has drifted to my side o' the road!

Anyway, I know there is traction room and tighter turning room, since I never shift my body weight and hang a knee out.

BTW - I picked up my leather lowers for the class and tried 'em on. Man, I feel bulletproof now!

Somebody stop me!