Question for The Motorhead re: cutting top off air box and sealing it


Would you please share your experiences in doing this? I just stumbled across a post of yours from January 22 2000 that mentioned this version of the air box mod. I notice that the inside of the roof of the air box shrouds the long velocity stacks pretty good where it is recessed to mount the air filter / lid thing. I like your idea of removing the tank foam, cutting the roof out of the air box, and sealing it to the bottom of the gas tank, making the bottom of the gas tank the new air box lid. Also: the "Uni" brand pre-filter foam that you prefer- I was looking for it today at my Suzuki dealer and they had the $12.95 package of Uni filter foam that was kind of a light green color, but I saw no reference to "pre" filter foam. How do I identify the "pre" filter foam that you prefer? What kind of adhesive do you prefer to use to attach it to the air box? Do you oil it? Thank you in advance.


Airtech had an Airbox for the 96-99 GSXR 750 that used that bottom of the tank as the top of the Airbox.It sealed with foam.The foam would get blown out from underneath the tank.It was not a good design with the foam.Something stiffer would have worked great.The carbs also sat inside the airbox.

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Johnny- im not sure you read the question fully...if you did, my bust...I would also like to hear more on making the bottom of the gas tank the box "lid". sounds like a good idea.....
they used stupid crappy foam i used seat foam that never ever lost air.oh yes i had a way to tell with my o2 sensor and decelleration readings .
just got through doing full airbox mod myself...if your going to do this, you better have a nice collection of tools, grinders and files- plus epoxy and ultra black, and give yourself some time if your a first timer..i used the uni pre-filter material (yes from dennis kirk) and honestly dont really care for the way is sits in box (it is damn near see-through and very flimsey)... for me personally (little street and mostly drag racing at the track) i think next time,or later on, i will take pre-filter completely out and run no filter at all at the track, and when im gana go out on the street for the day, get 4 of those tubular cylinder shaped uni slip on filters and put them over the velosity stacks (5 minutes)...just an idea...anyway, if your considering doing it yourself, its not hard, but have the proper tools and get ready to get messy....only reason i did it myself is because i like to do things myself at least once (just got through taking off stock tire and putting on MCR by myself- another pain in **** !) not a money matter...bottom line, if i had to do, i would just order motorheads
one more thing- to the motorhead- one of the other reasons i did mod myself was because i didnt want bike down for a week,- sending out box, you modifying it, then sending it back... you should really get a extra couple to send out when ordered... if they dont return right away, charge them..just a suggestion.

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