Qtr mile times for stock busaa 2001/2002?


Seen mid 10s for the BUSA
in Magazines....the GSXR1000
& ZX12 show 9s.............whats some
of the stock bikes times before mods?

Stock, they all run mid-to-upper-9s at 145-150 mph with a good rider. The 1000 can be a bit quicker due to being 100 pounds lighter.
The best time's I have seen are 9.89 on the zx12 with Ricky Gadson on board and the bike was lowered to the max limit. Thats totally stock with no mods. Don't expect to run those kind of times they don't pay ricky all that money for nothing I have seen stock 12s run 10.18 to 30 regularly with all the lowering equiptment. Sport rider did the pipe power commander and bypass of ignition retard and both bikes were in the mid 9's with the Busa being slightly faster in the quarter. Knebnr
I have ran a 9.93 1/4 @143mph. Stock wheelbase with brand new chain so everything pulled in short. Tyre pressures as per handbook and not a lowering link in site. The bike was fitted with a double bubble, a K&N filter and an Akro 4-1. It has never been set up to run with filter or Akro and it has never even seen a powercommander or dyno. Last service was 10000 miles ago and it runs rougher than a docker's palm. I reckon it has about 135-140hp at the back wheel...
i heard that the 2001's and up are now limited top end..but did they do anything else to it like in terms of what you would use in the 1/4 mile??
just wondering if they detuned it like they did the muscle cars after a certain year, or did they just limit the top end?

thanx for any imput
In the real world stock Busas (showroom stock!) are going to run high 9.90's to low 10's with good riders @ 137 to 143 depending on the weight of the rider, the clutch is hard to get past to run any better. Are we talking about stock bikes or Modded bikes (clutch, lowered, etc)??? A showroom stock bike will find a hard time running 9's. PS: the magazines lie! (correct times to there needs)
The magazines always correct their times to sea level. Thats why their times are always fast......................................Knebnr
im just curious as to if they slowed down any acceleration wise from 2000-2001?
cuz i know they have the limiter for top end.
but who REALLY needs to go 200 lol.
but who REALLY needs to go 200[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
After a couple of months, and a couple a grand (that's £'s Grand) <span style='font-size:12pt;line-height:100%'>ME !!!!!!!</span>

im sure the urge will hit me..it'll be like i'll just be stradlin the tank..and then all of a sudden.......man this thing can go 200..why not just do it ?


before i rode my friends 6R i never thought i'd go over 100 on a bike. i ended up goin about 55 over that eventually.
I was at a high speed test out here in arizona. The ZX with pipe and power commander went 197 the Busa went 198 with same mods. This was with Paul Dean from cycleworld magazine's radar gun...............................................Knebnr