Ok. New here but have a 2010 busa I just got In March this year and I love 1/4 mile racing I have full yohi 4-2-1 exhaust powercommander 5 and xtre best time is 10.7 put new sprockets on 17-45 and am running 11.7 now do I have to launch higher with the new gears just don't want the front end to come off the ground but want to hit 10s maybe 9s if possible this year just don't know what to do but getting smoked by stock 600s makes me not want to race and I know I can beat them play help anything at all sorry don't know where to put this and have been looking around on hear for hours thanks in advance
Do you know your 60' foot times before and after? I haven't raced my Busa on the drag strip yet...but I have raced 750's 900's and 1100's of various makes. If you're getting beat by "stock" 600's it's your doubt. Once you get traction and get into it...there's no way you should be losing to them. Since I've never been on the drag strip with a Busa..I really don't have any advice about rpms or best launch technique..but I can tell you this. On my 750 I had no problem beating much larger bikes because I got out of the hole so much quicker...and part of that was because I was very comfortable with the way it delivered the power. It's not that I didn't respect was more like I wasn't so intimidated by it that I was hesitant to really get on it. Maybe with your Busa you're holding back a little (nothing wrong with that until you get a feel for it). I'm sure someone here will be able to give you some real tips...but all in all...practice is where it's at.
Okay thanks guys and ya had a scare on a launch once past 12oclock up right and never been the same on the line after it always. Babaied it off the tree put could real them in by the 1/8 th and get around at the top end
I had that happen with a ZX11...straight up...and straight down..hard. There was a guy in front filming and once I cleaned my pants I rode over to him and said "Did you get it on film?" He was like "Nooo bro...I put the camera down so I could see better", dumbass.
Ya thanks everyone I have it straoed down in the front now and saving for the extensions this winter got my times down to 10.5 in the quarter now lost my pass word and couldn't sign in for a while 10.5180 run was .0349 reaction time .9230 60foot. 4.7311 330ft. 6.97 1/8th. 8.8652 1000ft and finished with a 10.5180 1/4time at 136.02 mph. I'm 6' tall and 240 lbs in jeans
Right on...that's more like it. That's about the same as mine..I've been to the track twice and still working on it. I just got a hopefully that will help. :)
Ya that's what I'm finding now I have a shinko hook up on it and raced this pasted weekend first actual race not test and tune and made it to semis when my clutch sliped out and I red lit and then it stalled talk about embarrassing the clutch lever was to to the bar hit 4500 and went to go up to 5500 and the back tire started spinning out and pushed me over the line with my clutch all the way in still was so upset too but that's racing won a 50 dollar technology card though
I'm not but the other there kits max out at either 8 or 9.5 and I want to go to 9 over but don't want to be at the back back of the extensions I race with a guy who's got a busa and it's stretched 12" and he's running way way faster than me and he just bought the bike used and it's a stock motor no work and he's running 8.5s in there so figure this track hooks awesome we got the best track ppl up here lol no but really never spin out even on a stock street tire full of air so figure go with the 12 over make it longer and lower so it won't lift the front end as much and planing on rcc turbo at some point
Practice, you should still be getting in the low 10's possibly the high 9's. I heard the gen 2 clutch is hard to slip. On my stock gen 1 I ran a 10.02 @144. Just takes practice with the 1441 I have now, my best has been 10.4......I need practice. Changing your gears for more take off can make you faster but its also making you have to react quicker, I ran my best times with an 18t front sprocket.
Ya I had 18/43 and ran 10.7s all day went to 17/45 and she went wheelie happy real quick so still getting use to it but may go back to the 18front and stay 45 on rear and ya the clutch doesn't slip well at all mine doesn't anyway and I'm only 3/4 into the throttle till I hit 3rd as anymore and she just lifts the front end and I don't like riding the 160kph wheelies like both tires on the ground was actually looking at diver weights to keep the front down on the axle like some turbo bikes do just more seat time is all I need for now though

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