Differences 2001 and 2002


What are the differences between the 2001 and 2002? Other than color. Time is coming to purchase and I want all the facts I can get. If I can save $1k for a $150 replacement part I will. Any help I can get will be appreciated.


Lotsa Mystery surrounding the 02...differences....talk to Ivans
see what they have to say....tre works or not..everbodys
CORNFUSED..seems like....
The 02 has different computer in it- the tre won't work to by pass the speed restriction
the 02 is slower that the 02 12r- limited at 184 mph and the 12 is at 186,
the 02 has a 02 sensor-
the 02 is harder to beat the restrictions- I don't know if they have done it yet but I think you have to replace the computer.