Proud Owner


Well, I just picked up my new blue/black 2002 Busa from the showroom floor. It was raining as I drove over to the dealer but while the sale was being consummated it cleared up and became a nice evening to ride. Man what a feeling!! The ride is incredible and the seating position is surprising comfortable. Can someone tell me how long the smile will stay on my face. My wife thinks I'm cheating on her or something. Anyway, I look forward to learing more about the new bike on this board.
Congrats! I'm in the same boat as you... well, not exacly. I had one, Customs took it, so I have to buy another. I was SO taken by the raw power and FEEL of the bike. I just have to have another one. And my wife is all for it! WOOHOO! Can't wait. Welcome to the board. I can't wait to start modding/ learning about it as well...:laugh:
rob, congrats, i picked up my 02 bl/blk busa 5 weeks ago and havent stopped smiling yet. its the best viagra going!

oh, and welcome to the board.

Thanks for stopping by today to show me your new ride....It's definately a beautiful ride!!
We need to hook up and go ridin' soon........Just want to show you what you'll be seeing most of the time while were out, since I am on the fastest color...he,he,he

Yeah sorry to say it bro, but the smile is a permanant fixture.
Congratz bro...I've owned mine for 3 yrs now and every time someone says you own a busa??? wow!! The smile comes right back! I love my baby! Also the wife has been thinking I've been cheating for 2 yrs because of the bike...oh well.

Lets just hope you don't have to choose...wife or busa. Let me tell you...I hope that demand never comes up...cuz someone is going to be really hurt.
Thanks for the responses. It's so difficult to concentrate on work when I know the Bus is waiting for me in the garage. Let's go riding soon UR It!