Proud New Owner of a Unrestricted 2000 Model


Hey all, so I finally got my dream bike, a 2000 unrestricted, unmolested Hayabusa!

I am a military veteran who goes to Radford university and I decided that my severance pay would purchase my dream bike, and so, it has.

I purchased it from the original owner, with less than 5400 miles and not a scratch to be seen, he even had a tank bra on it.

So, here is my first question, what modifications, if any, are essential to the motorcycle as it sits right now? I have read about an airbox mod? Any direction to start this off would be amazing.

Here are some photos.

2000 Hayabusa.jpg

2000 Hayabusa-01.jpg

2000 Hayabusa-02.jpg

2000 Hayabusa-03.jpg

2000 Hayabusa-04.jpg

2000 Hayabusa-05.jpg

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Welcome to the Org. Nice looking bike!!! As far as mods go..start where ever you want, because one will lead to another, then another


Welcome to the Org. Nice looking bike!!! As far as mods go..start where ever you want, because one will lead to another, then another

Thanks man, I am just new to the busa scene and want to be sure that there aren't certain problem areas I need to address before the new season rolls around.


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what modifications, if any, are essential to the motorcycle as it sits right now? I have read about an airbox mod? Any direction to start this off would be amazing.

Well snap, welcome to the org! :welcome:

Posing your question like this is way too broad. You've got a near-bone stock busa ( I have same exact bike in the blue / silver ) and your asking a bunch of mod-crazed busa nuts what to do first.

Motor? Looks? Handling? Sport-tour? Commuter? Wheelies? Drag? Track? Iron Butt? Serious. The Busa is all those.

Look at it this way, before I even bought my '00, I had a list of stuff I wanted to do to it and changes I wanted. If you want advice (you asked), the brakes suck more than anything on the stock bike. Both Gen's suck. They're horrible. And upgrading to stainless lines is cheap quick mod. Good pads come next. Your bike is going on 14 yrs old (despite the low miles - it's still been sitting still for most of that 14 years ). So double check any maintenance pertaining to bikes that sit for long periods of time. Check everything rubber.

That list of mine developed into a massive webpage you can read here about my transformation:


When I got the '08, I went further & made a list of 100 things I didn't like about the Hayabusa and set out to change it all. 3 yrs later, still adding to that list. My winter project for Winter III is the charging system on this bike sucks. So got to do something about that.
That to-do list also become a massive website about creating The Ultimate Sport-Touring Busa to lead guided tours with.


Pick a direction - and build the bike you've always dreamed of. Then ask us what to do with your new bike.

Call me 530-391-1356 9-5 PST if you need stuff.


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+100 to what Pashnit above recommended (safe to say he is THE GURU to modding a bike for sport touring and more).

My 2 cents: good 1st mod is to pay a good shop to set up the suspension for your weight/riding preferences. Then frame sliders, exhaust and beyond :)

P.S. I am assuming you already have good riding gear and ample riding experience.


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My first and foremost mod of any bike is safety gear. Helmet leather gloves etc. Next is the stars and beyound. As was stated above what are you wanting out of the motorcycle? Once that question is answered you will get some real answers from the ones who do the same thing as you.

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At the very least, lose the mudflap and the reflectors (but keep them) Other than that, the sky's the limit. You may want to consider one thing, what probably attracted you to this bike is as you put it it is "Un-molested". There is a lot to be said for leaving it bone stock as it is the most desireable for collectors.

Have to say, I'm a little jealous, beautiful bike you got there!


Thanks for all the awesome responses! I do still have all of my gear from my cbr 1000, but I do have to admit, my gloves have begun to have....holey palms so I will need to replace those!

First thing is first, I am going to build this bike to do two things; tear up the streets locally (I do after all live right off the Appalachian Trail) and make long trips (I frequent Myrtle Beach, Charleston and Columbia, SC).

I will be going through the rubber/vac lines with a fine tooth comb, checking every piece of rubber and replacing any piece that shows the slightest sign of wear.

After the rubber is knocked off the list to do, brakes lines and pads will be next since it seems to be a problematic area....and I really do enjoy being able to stop.

Once I am done catching up all of the regular maintenance, the rear under tail kit will come, followed shortly after by a pair of slip-ons...not sure what brand, I really want to sample the sounds (Any suggestions?).

From there, I haven't a clue! This is my fourth motorcycle (started with gsxr 750, r1, and cbr1000) and it has been my dream to have it! Now that I do, I am lost with what direction to go in lol....besides putting the rear cowl on and getting rid of that horrid looking back seat.

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i just got a 2000 with 18K miles, but mine was not "unmolested." it had a godawful custom paint job on it that is so "custom" i doubt the scratches and chips can be fixed. so far i have added asv shorty levers in gold, black kuryakyn grips, steel braided lines, wave rotors front and rear, and the undertail eliminator mod. i think that's gonna do it for a while. eventually i may put a 240 swingarm on it.

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Whatz good busa fam. I'm looking on how to get real info frame says 08/00 but computer seas 99-00 so is my a unrestricted or restricted and dash dose say 220 mph but I dont know if that is a fake aftermarket gauge stick on .how can I find out with out trying to pin the needle.



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And what I ment on computer seas 99-00 its a used comp so I dont know really what year that comp is any one could have put 99-00 on it its Written in white out pen.