Private trackday - Jennings GP 2-28-09 to 3-1-09


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.oRg peeps, my brothers and sisters from the R1-Forum are holding a private trackday at Jennings GP in Florida on Friday and Saturday Feb 28th-Mar 1st. This will be the second year fore this Memorial Trackday in memory of "Elviswarrior"(Glenn). Like most of us, Glenn never met a stranger and all proceeds will go to a charity of his family and our choice.

I know there are many people who would like to do a trackday and what a way to start off the 09 riding season. Here is the info posted at the R1-Forum.

"Alright guys/gals its time for some fun!!!!!! Here's the deal. I got the contract from Jennings and the track is ours as soon as they get the signed contract back in the mail from me.

The proceeds from this will go to a charity of our own choice. This is what Glenn's family wants.

We are also there to have a great time and to spend time with our extended family. This is open to all R1-forum and R6-forum members. If I have a problem filling slots I will open it to the public.

Please check the Jennings site for bike requirements and riders gear that they require.

The dates are Feb. 28th and Mar 1st. Thats a Saturday and Sunday. We will be doing our own control riding during this event. For those of you that have not done a trackday, or very few trackdays, get ready for some great instruction!

Please bring fresh tires as there will not be a tire changer there. If someone wants to bring a tire changer I have no problems with that. You will need to bring food with you as we will not have the food wagon. I hope to have the gate open at 1400, thats 2 o'clock for you non military type, on Friday to let us in. The gates will close at 2200, 10 o'clock, every night. That is Jennings rules!! Other than that you can come and go as you please. Jennings does charge a $5 gate fee per person when you first arrive. They will give you an arm band to let you back in if you leave.

The price for all this fun is $150 a day and $300 for the weekend. I have to have the balance paid to Jennings by Dec. 20th. So the cut off for this will be Dec. 15th!!!!! Please folks I need to stick to this cut off date. I am posting this up as early as I can so people can prepare. Camping is aloud at the track. That is what most folks do but there are local hotels for you all that do not like to camp. Please tell me if your running 1 or both days!!!

Please send the money via paypal to Add 4% for paypal fees. Once again the cut off for this is Dec. 15th! Make sure you put your real and screen name in the comments section so we know who you are. If you dont have a paypal account PM Goobr for his address.

Please sign-up in this thread and let me know what group you want to ride in. Novice, intermediate or advanced. We might have to change the groups around some depending on skill levels and the amount of riders in each group. The plan is to ride 20 minute sessions. I would like the cut off to be 20/25 riders per group but we might have to modify this depending on how many people sign up.

As far as safety goes this is a trackday and not a race! The control riders are there for every riders safety and to show the slower,novice riders the race line. If they see you riding unsafe they will pull you in and discuss the situation with you. Please remember that the control riders, corner workers have the final say on this. All of the control riders will be licensed racers or advanced level trackday junkies. In short we have some very talented riders on this board.

I have talked to Laura(Snapz) and she is planning on taking the photo's for us. She will start a thread soon and will get you the prices.

Please keep the chatter down in here as I need to keep up with the people who sign up. We have a PH, chat thread up and running in this section."

As of right now there are 7 spots in Intermediate and 12 for novice available. I may be doing some control riding in the Novice class, it just depends on my health.

If you are interested, please let me know via PM or email

I hope some of you guys and gals can make the trip.
pretty cool Kevin, does the 15th cut off apply? Not much notice to folks here if thats still the case ???

Hope you can make the event and get some riding in, would be a great way for you to ring in the new year :beerchug:
Good deal- close to me,but can't swing it on short notice.(However I'm mot complaining).Thanks
for your efforts.
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The 15th was the cutoff before it was opened up to other boards. With just 20-22 per group, you will gets lots of track time.