Post Your 1/4 Times And Mods.

Full on Pro Street built motor running turbo (build thread in the turbo section if you look up my name). Just a little stage 1 RCC turbo kit. Utilizing ECU editor for tuning.
Things left to do this upcoming winter after race season is a full sized pro street turbo kit, new fuel management system (going fuel tech), and do the front end as I am currently running factory offset, factory front wheel, and factory height shocks.
So still a bit to do. Cool thing is with this is that I built and tuned everything myself. Only thing I didn't build is the RCC Turbo kit, which was definitely worth the money!
I did run better after this time slip, I did a 7.82s at 180mph. However, I think there is a 7.7 in it, hopefully a low 7.7. lol
Hi. I did a lot of looking around and found MAXX stand alone ECU you should it out. That is the one I will use It can control boost + NOS. As I am going turbo + nitrous and it can a 8 inch tablet for my dash.

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