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As some of you know, I have had the easiest HMF Dual high mount install in history.

Here is what I have done in the last 2 days.

HMF CF Dual High Mount
Small Air Box mod
PAIR Removed

Already had a K&N and a Smart Tre.

I loaded the map from powercommander for these mods.

Something really woke that beast up. Just like Bdiesel said, from 4000rpms on it gets fast really quick. I don't feel like I lost any tq because of the air box mod.

She is still running rich. I have a Quasar map that is for the exhaust but doesn't support the other mods.

Anyway I love the sound and hopefully I will be able to get a dyno tune done.

If any of you HMF guys have a map that you really like that supports my mods and would like to send it my way, that would be awesome.

I have a PC3USB.



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Quasar can incorporate those mods into the map. Glad she's running better.


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I loaded the map from powercommander for these mods.
I hadn't noticed that PC had put an HMF dedicated map on their site. Thanks! I think nj has a custom map if you want to try something different. I'd been running the PC M312-017 map, the D&D 4:2 full system map, since that was the closest configuration I could find. My bike was running very well with it, albeit a bit rich at idle as well. I noticed both maps are zero change at 1000RPM, but the D&D map doesn't enrichen until 1500 RPM, while the HMF map starts at 1250 RPM. Maybe some tinkering is in order? I'll try the 019 HMF map as soon as it stops raining.

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