Possible chain problems


I haven't changed anything on the bike since the last time I rode it. Which was last night. The only thing I have done was lubricate the chain, tighten the chain, and retorque the rear sprocket. Anyway, now I hear this knock noise coming from the chain area. It doesn't happen when i'm coasting down the road. I only hear it when i'm accelerating.

any ideas? :-(
So loosen the chain. I don't think it is to tight. It looks to have about an inch of play in there. Then again, I am kind of eye balling it....:whistle: How do you guys measure you chain to make sure its within specs?
May need a new chain and sprockets. How many miles you got on your chain? When's the last time they have been changed?
I have no idea.... The bike probably has close to 20k on it. odometer hasn't always been working, so it is really hard to tell. I wouldn't doubt it if it needs to be replaced.

But the chain does barely touch the swing arm. So I think that is good.
Good Deal?

I just found this. What do you guys think? I wanted to go with an 18t in the front and 38t in the back. For this price though, I think I could live.
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check the tension in a few places , a chain will always have a tight spot .
bear in mind you said it was ok till you tensioned it , good luck :beerchug::beerchug:
You also may want to check that the rear wheel is in allignment with the front wheel. Take a measurment from the back of the adjustment block to the rear of the swingarm. The adjustment marks on the swingarm are often not very accurate.
Ok, got everything done over the weekend and it has never felt smoother. Had a few hiccups along the way.

1) After getting the front/rear sprocket and chain on. Pulled in the clutch to start it, when it was not connected...Fluid came out. So I got to bleed the clutch line for the first time. Not bad.

2) Two bolts holding on the rear sprocket stripped out. Which is weird because they torqued just fine 2.5 weeks prior. The nuts won't loosen up or tighten up, so i'm fairly confident that they won't come flying off anytime soon.

Other then that, it went fine.

To get the front sprocket off, we used a crescent wrench. To rivet the chain, I used a sledge hammer and a regular hammer. To keep the bike up I used rope and a wratchet strap. Plus, me holding it up long enough for my buddy to tighten it down.

Here some pics of the sprockets

Then one of the rivet job on the chain.

Then some pics of my awesome lift... :D