another clunk problem


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The other day when riding, the driveline on mine started making this little clunking noise kinda like there's a little rock going around with the chain, or a chain with a broken link.
Happens in all gears, and it started all of a sudden, most noticable when leaving from a stop in first and second.
I checked and tightened the chain and there was no change.
I can't quite tell for sure but it sounds like there may be a small whining sound also, and the bike seems to lurch a little more than normal when cruising.
Is it possible that I need new chain and sprockets.
It didn't start out minor and then get worse, it was just there all of a sudden, that wouldn't be typical of chain or sprockets.
What do you think.
Oh crap!!!!, just put the bike on a stand, and rotated the wheel by hand.
As I rotate it the chain gets nice and tight, then very loose, half rotation later.
Bent output shaft, or output shaft bearing shot?
Anyone heard of this?
Checked the cush drive, and it seems fine.
I think it's probably just a chain that's stretched in one place.

How many miles?
Have you changed the chain and not the sprockets?
Both should be done at the same time.
Check the sprockets.

If the teeth on the rear sprocket are canted forward, this will cause a tight spot between the chain and the sprocket.

Unfortunatley, chains don't stretch in a linear fashion. On spot will be ok, and the other section will have stretched, causeing the tight loose, tight loose that you are describing.

Just me .02cents.

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I would guess the same, Chain toasted, only way not is if you can swear you never abused it badly or had it too tight for too long. If you ever did an unholy beating on a clutch drop in gear 2,3,4 or ever drove too long with the chain tight (no slack), i will say you need the 175.00$ chain that they have. plus the chainbreaker to size the chain.
just put a new chain and sprockets on, will test it tomorrow.
I talked to a local Busaholic this morning and he said it's very common for these chains to stretch in one place, just like you say.
I hope that's it.
Thanks for the help guys.