Clunk noise when taking off


Every so often when I take off I notice a clunk noise up front on my 2011 'busa. It only happens when pulling away from a dead stop in 1st gear and the clutch lever is at the point of being fully released. Its a minor taping sound.

The chain is adusted according to specification and there are no tight spots.

Anyone experiencing the same problem?
What type of clunk noise? Solid or Tin sound? Could it be the front disc brakes floating in the caliper? If my bike is off and I roll it forward then back I can hear this clunk sound. With the stock exhaust I could here it too.
Is the rear tire aligned correctly? Can you feel it when in clunks or only hear it?
The rear wheel is aligned properly, it feels to me like the slack of a chain is being taken up, however the chain is adjusted properly.
Well, if its not the chain, not the sprockets, and not the rear wheel, the only other option is the tranny itself. I just cant believe it would be the tranny with that low of miles. It should still be under warranty, take it back to the dealer and find out what it is.
Have you checked the wear on the cush drive rubbers?? Doubt its that at your mileage but is one more thing to eliminate.

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