Polishing Frame


I was talking to a guy about him polishing my frame, he said u can't do it with it being the black anodized aluminum. He said that where the welds are, it will polish a different color and not look good. Has anyone polished theirs. I am around the Evansville, IN area and if it can be done, please give me a place I can go or a number


Seriously, the black frames are in. Don't polish it. I did just the rims of my last bike, and I'll never polish again. Looked great, for about 2 hours. Then they were dirty. And to get 'em really clean they had to be taken off.

I can only imagine removing the bodywork every time you wash
Oh....it can be done alright.......that dude was smokin crack.
BUT.......the all black SE's look sooooo cool.....why do it.
Also......you'd have to strip the entire bike to do it properly...ya don't want a frame that's black on the inside and polished everywhere else......just seems hokey to me!!!
I'd charge about $1500 to do that job if I had to strip the bike for ya......is it really worth it?