Polishing my frame HOW??

I have done 2 frames plus odds and ends of parts.

The vin numbers are stamped on the neck so I just heated up the sticker and pulled them off. Police told me stickers fall off :thumbsup: They just had to be able to see the stamped numbers on the neck.

The first frame turned out the best and was done ALL by hand not one power tool was used. This frame turned out the best. There wasnt a ripple,scratch,or mark in the frame when I was done. This frame was a 95 gsxr 1100.

I started with 220 grit wet sand paper.I put a little bit of soap in the water. I wet sanded in the same direction. then went to the next higher grit sanding paper. This time I sanded the other direction till all the 220 marks was gone. I did this all the way up to 2000grit. By the time I got to the 2000grit it was already shining like mad. I then used mother on it and was done. Doing it by hand took me a long time. To me it wasnt that hard to keep clean. Just hit it with mothers every few weeks and it was good to go.

The second frame was my 01 gsxr1000 I used power tools on this frame. It turned out good but due to the fact that I rush on this one it could have turned out better.

I think the beter job you do the easyer it will be to keep clean.