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I was browsing the local MV forum, and started reading a great topic. People were sharing their experiences of other people's admiration of their MV. Well the more I read, the more I can relate to these MV folks. The Busa and MV crowd have lots in common as far as passion for their bike, and other people's misunderstanding of the Busa & MV.

Well for me it seems that when I stop for fuel, I can almost bet Im going to get a few comments or looks. Typical comments without fail are, how fast does it go, how fast have you had it, and how much does something like that cost. I often get older guys giving the bike a double take when they hear it start-up, as I think they are shocked a "Rice bike" can sound so deep, and throaty at idle. And I often get a window rolled up from passenger vehicles while sitting in traffic next to me.
A kid who works for me saw my bike for the first time last week, today someone else asked me what kind of bike I had and he answered for me. Then he looked over at me and said "After I saw it last week I thought it was so cool I went home and looked it up on the internet!"

THAT is praise from a 17 year old.
I am surprised on many people know of it's speed . And those that don't just make comments about how cool it looks. It's hard to beat the combination of muscle and looks. Even the HD riders at work think it's cool and that's saying something.
Happens so much that I cant remember all of them. I have the only Busa in about a 50 mile radius so when I am on it, its kinda like celebrity status.

The ones I find weird are the guys who come up and ask me how to fix their bike. Every time I go on a ride and stop somewhere, like a gas station, some kid comes up and asks what I think is wrong with his bike. And how should he fix it. Sorry, not a mechanic. I dont even change the oil in mine. That's what service departments are for.
I sometimes end up in half hour discussions with total strangers about my bike..its amazing how much people want to know about, what you know concerning this bike.
You want a conversation...add a turbo
at our local bike nite, i park next to my guy with an 06 LE with slip ons. people walk by mine, look at his, and and come back and look at the dump pipe on it. they look like thus most of the time     ----->

once they see the dump pipe.

You can get a good 20 to 30 min explaining everything from how fast, to why, to how much hp and money.
I've even gone as far as explain its a West Coast Choppers exhaust that Jesse James makes for the bike. but that's for the liter bike crowd that may wanna race later on
I recently rode to see some motorcycle drag racing about 1 1/2 hours away.  Went with my brother-in-law and one of his employees riding a Suzi C50 cruiser and a Hardley Softtail respectively.  When we stopped for fuel at a busy station a crowd of about 8 or 9 people gathered around my River before I could get the nozzle in the tank.  Completely ignored the other two.  When we pulled away from the pumps the other guys asked "What the h311 was that about?!? They didn't even look at us!!"  I just grinned and strapped my helmet on.

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A buddy / coworker of mine has a Suzuki cruiser, its an 800cc Boulevard.
He loves to ride and came to my house after a business meeting we attended.
I took him to the Busas lair (my garage) and told him to sit on it.
Gave him the key and told him to start it up - he did so.
While he was sitting there looking at the gauges I told him to spike it a little to get a sense of how the engine romps up with a very small twist of the throttle- I still like that part myself.
He looked at me with this weird / scared face - got the same look from a Harley coworker when he did this same thing.

I told him, it does that when its in gear too!
That was all I let him do...

I was over in his neck of the woods a couple of days ago and he informed that he is...... trading in his cruiser!

I should get a commission eh?
Ill never forget I was at a store getting gas and had to thugs come up to the bike and i mean rough looking guys they came walking up from down the street i was thinking to myself man here we go . Then one of them said man that thing is cool didnt know they made ninjas in that color ( Now im Hot )so I excplained to them what it was and actually we set there and talked for about 30 minutes it was pretty cool they asked all kinds of questions wanted to here the exhaust how fast Ive gone just goes to show you dont judge people by how they look . And they did enjoy the little wheelie when i left...
I work for a medical software company. One day I went to a doctors office in south texas and saw a Subaru STi. When I walked in, the doctor saw my helmet and jacket and asked what I rode. I told him a Hayabusa and he started hoopin and hollerin. When he calmed down, he told me, I know what kinda guy you are! and we started discussing how he fixed his Nasty boost leak this weekend. I was surprised that a man of his stature was a road racer.
Yea, I get the same things as metioned by everyone else, plus a lot of , (how do you keep it so clean?), and,( did you just get it?). I love the look when I tell the it,s an 02 with 31000 miles on the clock.
It's funny, people who know the bike always ask how fast I've had it. I usually answer by saying "I went 40 in a school zone once" Keeps 'em guessing. Other people ask "What is that?". After telling them, I get "Haya-what?
No one ever looks at Bessie
- she just hangs around to make other Busai look good
The best comment I have ever had, came on a ride to the coast. Pulled into a gas station with 2 other bikes and this scruffy looking Harley rider asked me, "Hey Girl, you ride that thing?"

I answered, "no, I PUSH it around.....just like you."