Please help break problem


Hello all,
i am new to the forum and this is my 1st post. i am having a problem with my rear breaks sticking on my 07 Hayabusa. i have bled them, replaced the caliaper, and replaced the line. and still sticking. Could my master cylinder be my problem? or is there something else i can try? i need to get this fixed asap im going up to the dragons tail in 12 days. thanks in advance!
From memory there's a Z shaped spring back there and that caliper / pads have to be assembled correctly. Something is definitely wrong my brother. PM GIXERHP

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If you replaced the caliper and the line, you need to figure out what is sticking. Because my first thought was a stuck piston. THen a bad line.

When it sticks, have you broken the bleeder loose?? Did you replace the caliper and line with new, or used parts?
I replaced with new parts. I have bleed them while they were stuck and I get good fluid out. After messing with it for a few hours last night I decided to order a new rotor and master cylinder so all the components will be new. What's puzzling me is that when they stick you can't spin the back tire by hand ( bike on stand) but when I go to remove the caliper it comes off very easy, seems like it should be hard to get off if its sticking? Any other suggestions? Thanks for the input so far.
Sounds like a rotor issue...has the rear wheel been off and perhaps the wheel spacer left out of switched with the sprocket side spacer? This will cause an alignment issue with the caliper and rotor
That's possible, I bought the bike used a few months ago it only has 6,000 miles it does have a swingarm mounted tag bracket so the wheel has prob been off. I will check the wheel spacers, also I noticed I had put the clips that hold the break pads in wrong from what I have seen in other post on here. I will check that out this afternoon and switch those clips around. Ever since I got the bike the rear breaks have been really weak I thought it was just bad pads.
The rear brakes are adequate. It's not hard to lock them up, that's something you want to avoid.
Well I got home today swapped tge springs around and same thing... So I decided to just try to put some shims in just to bump the caliper over. Worked great on the stand, but took it out for a short ride around the neighborhood and won't stop and rotor is so hot it's popping, and I didn't go a quarter mile... Guess ill just wait on the new rotor and master cylinder it should be here Monday.
Well I got all my new parts in today and just got done putting them on. Seems to be working perfect. When I was taking it all apart and inspecting all the parts seems that the rotor had a very slight bend in it. I guess it was the whole problem to begin with. Thanks for all the help guys!
Brakes are not optional for the dragon.... Glad you got em fixed..
There is also a manual adjuster on the rear brake lever, you can loosen or tighten them depending on how sensitive you want the brakes to be.
good to know about that adjuster, i noticed it but didnt mess with it wasnt sure what exactly it did. and yes breaks are a must on the dragon, this will be my 3rd trip. usually ride the 600 but my wife is goin to ride it this year.
Check the brake support bar. Mine was offset as so was causing the rotor to heat up. Make sure when attached to the caliper.. let it be slightly loose to line up to swing arm and should fit right on.. if any tensions on it, this will cause the binding. look at pads too.. they will show signs of mis alignment.. wearing at an angle..