Plastic complete


Hey guys was at my insurance auction and saw a busa with most if not all the plastics completely destroyed. dont know the year or milage as it was behind a wire fence

Might be put up for auction in 2 weeks time.

what i need to know is how much would the all the plastics cost and any idea what would it be worth?

Turn it into a naked streetfighter Busa:

hey thanks fellas for all the info as for buy new plastics at 2800 US. i dont think so as that busa might get a price around $5000 can at most ( I am hoping).

I guess I ill be going withthe street fighter style if i actually get it.

thanks again guys for the reply.
you can find used set for way cheaper than that. And if you shop around you can probably find them new for cheaper as well. That is if you don't need the tank and headlight and inners etc.