pipe smoking


06 hayabusa 5000miles stand behind my bike right pipe white smoking after you cut the eng. what could be the problem im thinking spark plug but i have no lost of power FI light not on:confused2: feed back plz. guy help
just the one side smokes out of the tail pipe with the eng. cut off would the fi light come on my rpm are low to 875
New pipes? After I mounted my Yosh cans...they smoked for the first couple of days till the excess in the packing burned off and now nothing.
smoke rises...the right side is the highest when on the stand, and (correct me if I'm wrong) at any given time there are 2 sets of valves open- 1 intake & the other exhaust...so whatever vapor is left in those 2 cylinders are just finding their way out. pull the plugs and see what's going on inside just to make sure everything's ok:beerchug:.
yeah its on the side stand when i turn it off ok Im trying the spark plugs thanks guys
new ? is what spark plugs do people use that really good?
i have never heard of spark plugs causing smoke. now, if there is oil, or some fuel additive, or perhaps a fuel contaminant, or maybe even coolant getting into the combustion chambers... now that could cause smoke when mixed with the fuel charge, and then ignited by the spark plug.... someone else asked if you had new exhaust? new exhaust could have fabrication residue that is burning off. another thought is that you might have something coming into contact with the outside of your pipe. external oil, coolant, part of the fairing, anything combustible touching the pipe, including smudges form cleaner etc.

i think that you need to narrow down the problem so that sensible solutions might be offered.

nothing touching the pipe? it does not smoke when running? no leaks that could be getting on the pipe?

pull the lower fairing and inspect?

anyways, good luck, there are a ton of qualified busa mechs on this board, and with the right description you will surely get help. ???
ngk cr9e plugs.... if you run racing fuel it will have white smoke and white residue
no i dont run racing fuel i let the bike run till it warmed up and turn it off it was on the side stand then a little smoke came out of the right side pipe
Pull the can. Maybe it is burning out the inside and you turn it off it burns out?

Then, say the bike shuts off and the valve opens to an unspent cylinder and that heat just vapors the fuel shot is take a shot in the dark is both of these and those stated above.