Smoking like a stack


Finally got her all back together after replacing the Magneto case, starter case, idler gear cover case and numerous body pieces.  Flushed the motor with fresh oil, changed oil and filter and started her for the first time in 4 1/2 months.  She ran a little rough with just slight tail-pipe smoke but seemed ok.  Rode her for about 10 minutes until I noticed the smoke-screen from behind and made it home in less than a minute to find my sight glass virtually empty. 4903 miles on this bike and I cannot imagine what internally could be causing this following a crash that did primarilly cosmetic damage although she did see a complete up and over rotation.  What next?
First probably alot of hidden damage! My guess is that since the motor is a stressed part of the frame assy. you have a hair line crack internally. Have you done a compression check? Double check all the lines c/to the engine and make sure no wear or misplaced hoses. That seems like almost an impossible amount of oil to lose without a direct leak................Take the time to take a second look at the engine case and seals! There should be a flury of post after mine to point you in the right direction.

TAKE A REAL CLOSE LOOK AT THE OIL COOLER..........AND OIL PAN. (I think this is where the biggest portion of your problem is coming from.......)