**ping** so n so and sho off!!


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I apologize for not sending my horn out to you, and now I'm selling the Busa if things work out, and I'm almost positive I need the horn on it so it is street legal. Admittedly, I feel like an azz for telling you I would send it to you and not. A huge apology from me to you.


Don't have to have that gel seat on it to sell it, so I'm still sending it to you. I'll be over in Oshkosh today and will drop by UPS to ship it.

Jason (his snazzy moniker is the same as mine...)
i got a spare horn im my shed , oem busa , switched to airhorn , if you want give me an adress ill send it out ?
Selling the Busa? Dayum man that sucks... Need anything?