Ping Sled


The Watcher
How are you doing on your lack of smoking Bro? Thought it would be good to keep a post open for you.
Heya Mike!!! so far so good bud!!! gotta save the smoke money for more mods. you think I could add nitrous to the bike as it sits? I haven't looked into it yet but I think it would be pretty cool if I could inject at full throttle. Only question I have is what would that do for detination on boost?
Glad your not smoking. You shoul have saved close for a dry Nos system by now. You will not have to change much. Use a small nozzle which is about a 40hp hit. It is very smooth. Open airfilter and pipes anre all you really need with the NOS. You do not have to retard (but check) Best system around is the Schnitz Dry system. They will answer all question. If you choose to go with it let me know. I sold my system to Fastgix in VA. and he loves it also. Go with kit and 2 1lb bottles. They will fit under the hump. or bottles under the side molding.
Holy crap batman he is moving now.

IOf you need help in finding the parts are really want to know the best way to use. Call my friends @ TDC Performance

Ask for Carlito or Denny tell them Ninja eater asked for them to point you in the right direction. They may be able to but a kit together for a god cost. I know they built their own kits.