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Hey bro here is a link to the a bike night in Riverside. I will be there and I am going to bring a few goodies for the give away from cycle gear. Thought you might like to come. I will try to post a link from the other site. If it doesn't work you have my number bro.

Marc "Howlin Mad"

I may try to make that, I need to get off early on Tuesday. Where will you be leaving from, and what time.

Pretty soon we will have a bike night in Temecula, hopefully Friday or Saturday night.
Marc, Purp:

What up.

I just took 2 weeks leave and drove my family out here.
Spent a week in the lodge and trying to get moved in.

How was track day?

Hows my scooter?

I should be ready to get her in a few weeks.
I just got the cast off but its still broke.

I know I owe ya Howlin-big time.

Thanks Just wanted to say hi and that I'm still alive.

Thanks Again marc.
Everything cool man, I don't know how big Marc garage is, but I have a huge 3 car garage with lots of room, if you need to keep your bike stored for a while, i can put it up for ya. Howling give me some info on tomorrow night, I may be able to roll