now that's what I'm talking about

love those's photos!!
Man what a day!!  Good day good riders and no one on the mountain but us!  Wish you guys and gals were here!!

Marc "Howlin Mad"

Hope that works!!
So Marc, do you STILL want another bike??? Looks like you're doing a fine job of laying her down to me. I know that you are a helluva rider and sh^t like that, but if you're scared...say YOU'RE SCARED! It really is kinda funny though Marc, that you just kinda contradicted yourself about the bike handling. Sounds and looks like you've GOT YOUR GROOVE BACK...

Actually I haven't changed my mind about the bike! She handles just fine! She just can't carry as much corner speed as the lighter bikes. Don't get me wrong! I love my busa very much!! I just can't keep up in the tighter stuff!! She won't be leaving the garage anytime soon.

As far as lil howlin... He just learned to turn quicker by spinning the back tire in corners to whip the bike end around. Shifting will be the lesson for this weekend. Think I will take him to the track.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
SirUK Great pic! Haven't found the sweet spot as far as body position yet. I have done all the text book things but it is coming. Most times I just need to put the knee out a little and it will be down.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
I can't believe you don't get your knee down, what's the matter with you? afraid you might scrape your flip flops or drop your hula skirt.........

How's things

Practice, practice, practice. And with all the twisties we have out here, you'll have lots of places to do it.
busahigg got your answer for you in a PM check your mail

Howlin Mad
I got mighty low the other day!! when it warms back up I'm sure my knee will come down , never done it on the busa before. ( to scared to try it when the tires are cold! the bike just feels funny...)

by the way is there any one else out there that only has there left knee puck scratched up!! (I've been thinking of just marking up the right one, so I don't look like a chicken when it comes to those right handed turns...)