"PING" JimboD


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Hey Jim.....this is one of the coolest mods I've seen.....
You're obviously very handy with a tig welder.
This is probably a stupid question....but do you think it would be possible to do the whole pipe just by mandrel bending it, or would that be a painstaknigly long process with fitting then bending then re-fitting then re-bending and so on.
It just looks too cool with the cans under the tail.

Thanks in advance for your opinion.

If I had a mandrel bender I would have done it that way! Anything is possible to do. You might have to do it in two pieces. Who cares how long it takes? Main thing is to take your time and do it the way YOU want! You won't be sorry, you'll get a lot of looks! Besides, with the pipes under the tail I don't have to worry about my soft saddle bags getting burned when taking long trips!
Damn Freaky I was just going to email the cat the same question.

Great mindz think alike. Yeah Jimbo your azz lQQkz tight Playa,now show sum mo photo of her.
Man those pipes look good....screw the burnt bags added bonus, I just ride with those pipes on strictly for looks.:cool:

Ever think of making more of those to sell?
How loud are they?
any Hp increase?
Did you dyno her before & after?
Sorry to bombard you with questions,

Thank you very much JD.....really appreciate yer help dude.

Man Rhythm..... that is weird........musta been brothers in another life er somthin.