Looking for front wheel


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Just wondering if anyone has a good stock front wheel out there.
Went on a 500 mile ride today, got 3 hours away from home
and I'm fallowing a car at about 150 feet doing around 80 mph
out in the boonies when a 6" rock appears.
With absolutely no time to react I hit it, honestly get about 8" of air come back down wobble a bit and realize my tire is leaking.
Get to the nearest garage and find I have a huge bend in my
wheel lip which is not allowing the bead to seat.
Look all over the area for any bike shops with no luck at all.
Fill up the tire with air at the garage drive about 15 mins and find a public works yard.
They were nice enough to lend me a 5lb sledge hammer and a 2x4 with which I literally beat the rim as close to good as I could (have pictures will post next week) then aired it up to 50 so the bead would re-seat as I couldn't get the bend fully fixed of course and proceeded on the 3 hour ride back home with absolutely no hitches.
Thank God.
Jeesh, I'm probably the only retard on the planet that has taken a 5lb sledge to his Busa, but I had no choice, honest, you have to believe me.
Please don't kick me off the board for this heathenist act, I already feel bad enough!!!!!
Anyhow, If anyone has a rim, could ya let me know.
Glad your OK, If you look around on the web they sell alot of new ones, you can usually find a used one on ebay.

BTW, do you know how to drive over objects? I donno how much time you had to react. Leave plenty of room (2 seconds at least) between you and the vehicle in front of you. Also i donno if you have taken a safety course but they teach you how to ride over objects. If you havent here is what i remember: lift off the seat with knees bent, pull back on the bars, roll on throttle to extend the forks. After your over the object with the front tire let off the throttle and let the rear tire roll over the object. Also be sure to keep the bike straight.

Tho when i did this at the course i was probly going 35 mph, and hitting a big rock at 80 is pretty hard. Good tip none-the-less. If i see anything during my rounds i will send you a PM.
WOW thats a close call could heve been alot worse.

Look on this web site under classified or merchandise for one also you can look on E-Bay. If I am not mistaken a GSXR 1000 rim is the same size but don't qoute me on that. Also glad to hear your ok.
Glad to hear that you are ok. Sorry to hear about the rim though.
Yep, I do feel very lucky, could a been alot worse.
Years of street riding and this was my first close shave.
I'll credit a lifetime of dirtbiking, hitting objects, and being used to spending lots of time in the air.
Great tip by the way odyssey, that is how you do it when reaction time is there.
Thanks for the tip on the wheel everyone, there are some on ebay right now.