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I want to start my own m/c. There are a few in my area, but i want to do things a little bit differently. My question is how do i go about naming the club, and is there some sort of registry that i need to check to not name my club the same as another? Is it taboo to have the same name as a club that might be across the country. JUst wanna make sure i don't run into any problems. TIA
Depends if you want to set up the club as a non-profit. Name can be the same as other parts of the country, but best thing would be to talk to the other club and tell them you want to start a VA chapter. They may be able to help.
what name are u considering? and why not be original? take ur time an dim sure u can come up with a good name. starting a website might be a good place to start ge the people that u ride with now to come over there and when ur riding talk to other riders and tell thenm about ur club and website.. if u make it friendly and welcome everyone and try to keep the drama down u shouldnt have to much of a problem. check some of the other websites and clubs out? what kind of things do u want to do with ur club? just my .02
We decided to start a club here in the St. Louis area last spring. What we ended up doing was becoming a chapter of Ride Motorcycles ( http://www.ridemotorcycle.com/ ). The liability issues were more than I was willing to invest alone. We also kept our ride group name - stl_area_rides or St. Louis area Rides. Keep liability issues in mind when starting a club. The club can be sued. Not that most of the people that you ride with would do such a thing, but it is a CYA.

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If you are going to register a name check with the Va. Secretary of State. They will be able to tell you if a name has been reserved or used to incorporate an entity. Typically you can do this over the web. In NC the fee is $10 to reserve a name and $100 to incorporate the entity. Once you have that info you call get a tax ID# for your bank accounts. Typically you can get all the info from whoever handles incorporation on the state level. Hopes this helps
I have spent the last 3 months putting together a club. it is a lot of work to do it right. You want to avoid having the same name as another club, unless you are starting a chapter of their's. It doesn't matter where they are...that's just not cool, and certainly not original. Come up with a name, search the web. I found a couple of national lists of clubs. If i find the links, I will post later.

Other clubs' websites will give you a lot of ideas......

Develop a Mission Statement describing what your club is all about
Create bylaws or guidelines for all members to understand and follow.

Hit me up if you have more specific questions.
I have not come up with a name yet, i was considering,

"Pimp ass tricks riding on big ass bikes wit all kinds of women jocking us."

But will it fit on our jackets?? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

JUst kidding thanks for all the advice. I have my work cut out for me, but i figured it would take at least a few months. Thanks you all for all of your input!!!
roll with them


OK This seems to be a fairly decent listing.

It's Sorta difficult to sort through the clubs, there is just so many Manufacturer's Clubs and Harley Clubs and on and on...

Motorcycle Clubs

Something that could be kind of interesting is find an off beat European or British Club and Ask them if you could start a new chapter... Find a real old one....

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Great list Rev...think it might be the same one I ran accross.

If there are clubs in your area, why start a new one...just curious. how do you plan to do things differently? Again just curious.

For my club's founders, there is just a huge amount of pride and gratification that comes from doing it our way!
How about starting a Hell's Angel's Chapter?:super: Would be something different, put some rebels back into the Organization...
The clubs here seem to be pretty cool. But there are a loose group of riders that ride together and we really don't want to be affiliated with any of them. We want our own stuff.
NAW MEAN!! translation YOu know what I mean?
I want to start my own m/c.
I just help start a motorcycle club in cleveland ohio. C.R.U. If you know a paralegal they can help you get incorperated. You need to write a mission statement....Also network, go to bike functions. New York, Philly, and DC has them all summer. There is one coming up in New York " Urban Knights " of New York I think Feb 9
Dynasty Motorcycle Club
Richmond, VA.

A few of the loose riders i knew were in this club, but the club was /is going thru a "reorganization". I figured i might be able to help out. Small numbers now but once we throw a couple of functions next summer....we'll see. So be on the lookout for upcoming attractions sponsored by us!!!! by the way check out our raffle post. HELP A "CLUB" out!!
Hey Busa Brother check with the Founder of Queen Beez in Richmond. They have a group on yahoo or you can find their website online. Tell her Dr. Dez sent ya, and she'll look out for ya