Pimping the site while playing games.....


I made a new account for America's Army: Operations with the name "Odyssey-Hayabusa.org". Cap if you want me to change it, I will. Anyone else play this or something like Tribes 2, Quake 3, Unreal, etc?
I got the Americas Army demo, but I haven't even installed it yet. Haven't played anything on the PC in a while. I have been playing some on the Xbox tho' Unreal Championship, Mechassualt, Ghost Recon and MotoGP (bad ass GP motorcycle racing game) my PC rig just can't compete with the living room setup
Haven't played AA yet........have it on my desktop though.

Gotta love MotoGP, SPlinter Cell, Hitman 2, Panzer Dragoon and Street Hoops.