Pimp your Hayabusa .


Hello, I made a little utility for coloring the Hayabusa. I will be glad, if you view and play it. It is only 1. version and I will further develops it.
Do not hesitate to reply me what I can make better.

Please wait a few second for a advertisment and then klik "CONTINUE" bottom right and enjoy it here :


If you are interstred in my other animations, you can visit my portfolio here :

Thank you all .

Now version 1.1 available (link on the top ) you can use any color of full color palette, enjoy ...

... next I will make textures, you will use any picture to color parts, I hope :)
Now with sound button :)

If you designed with this utility nice Hayabusa, please make a PrintScreen and share it with us.

Made one for Vabs.. :laugh:


I had a few drinks last night, so... Pretty cool. How about 3D views at any angle? coloring windscreen, mirrors, getting rid of that ugly exhaust can and being able to replace with many popular choices? Colored tires never took off, so I will not suggest that. And to make it a real hit among bench racers, how about being able to insert any rider, and a choice of landscapes and any racetrack around the world? Then, anyone can compose a picture of them riding a Hayabusa of their dream color scheme, and on their dream road or track.

Hello !

Now there is version 2.0 and textures are working ! Use link from my signature, because there is a newest version !

It is very , very intresting, to play with textures on Hayabusa fairing. You can make a very , very nice Haybusa`s. Try it and you will see.

using of textures :

1. With mouse assign a part, which you want cover with texture.

2. Click to the one of four texture buttons. The texture appeared.

3. With mouse you can move texture and with keyb "a" or "s" you can rotate it.

4. When the texture is on the right place, click to the same texture button as before and texture cover the selected part.

Thats all.

Do not forget, if you make a very nice Hayabuse please share it with us.

Have a lot of fun !
Thanks for your reply.

Now the pre-defined textures definitely works in version 2.5

Pimp your Hayabusa !

Pimp GEN I Hayabusa !

how textures work :

click to part of a moto, click to texture button, move texture with mouse, (or rotate with "a" or "s"), and click to texture button for apply texture to a selected part of moto