Firefox Wearing Hayabusa skin....


I'm a new comer here, so I would like to start this new thread saying "Hello" to all of you guys, Hayabusa owners, those who have a chance to ... follow me :p

I crashed with my Hayabusa for a month now, and today, I GET IT BACK, so it's just one of the best days of the "motorcicle" part of my life :bowdown:

When I was missing it so much I discovered a Firefox extension, named "Personas" which defines itself has "Personas are lightweight, easy-to-install and easy-to-change "skins" for your Firefox web browser."

So I spent some time creating an Hayabusa skin you can find here and you can see how it looks like here:

I hope you'll like it :thumbsup:

Have a nice day,

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Has anyone checked this "skin" file for virus attachments ???? offense to our newcomer.....I don't click links of a suspicious nature. Run your anti-virus people. If it's cool, I'll take a look myself. Just looking out for ya peeps is all...... :oldcool:

"No disrespect intended".......
There's no offence at all, security warnings are always welcome, as soon as it's just advises ;-)

I have to say I'm not too familiar with viruses and worm stuff, I'm running Linux for years now :)

I cannot write a post about security without posting the most important advise ever, told by one of your President, Benjamin Franklin:
Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both
Tres bien "Monsieur" !!!!....Bienvenue à mon ami!

I like the concept but the thing made my bookmarks etc too hard to read.. maybe fade the thing out a bit?

neat tool btw :)

The "Gallery" under "Tools" totally rocks... you can try out skins just by "mousing" over the skin... very slick indeed..
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