Picking up a used 'busa on saturday


Going to pick up a 2000 Blue on Sliver 'busa this weekend. it has just over 3000 miles on the clock. Are there any common failure modes I should be on the lookout for?




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Gee 3,000 miles that is far less then what I have on my 01'. Check for what maintenace has been kept up on. make sure that the tire has not been patched. Just tell the seller that the tire will not effect the sale but you would like to know if it had any tire repair. Adjust the brakes and clutch to your likeing. Make sure you ask about oil changes go to Mobil 1 or =) if not started yet.
Make sure that the Second generation cam chain tensioner recall was performed.  He should have something from the dealer or you can call Suzuki at (714) 572-1490 after 8:30 am.  They are in CA.  You will need to have the Vin number when you call.
Another good thing to do will be to have it dynoed.  I also have a 2000.  When my tensioner recall was done they put the chain back on one tooth off.  It was only making 115 HP out of the 158 HP it has now.  (It is easily done so I am told.)
Nice choice on colors.

Before and after dyno run.