Paddock Stands?!


Hi there guys!

Just bought 02 busa and have come up with an immediate prob, no centre stand!  Can someone tell me a little about paddock stands?

As the Busa is not a light weight, do you guys require assisstance when putting the stand on? Do Bob-ins help work?

Have any of you come across the NWS ulti-pro stand?

Apparently, it goes something like this, "The ‘Ulti-Pro’ tapered stainless steel  lifting pins will locate in virtually any swing arm pivot spindle with a hole or recess up each end (min dia 6mm, max dia 24mm)".  Then, "Assemble stand uprights onto the motorcycle. Secure with the locking bolt - Allen key supplied

Insert the horizontal foot, stand the motorcycle upright as you lean on the foot lever and its up!  Finally insert the 'back stop' and it is virtually impossible to mover the motorcycle off the stand  -  until you want too!".

Sorry for all the crap about it, but it looks pretty good considering it can be used on it own?

Cheers in advance

Hey mdexy, Welcome to the board. Sorry I can't help you on this one. I have the center stand installed on mine and I am very happy with it. I am sure that there is someone here that can help you.
Have a look at the link. I have one, use it when the 'bus is on the lift and it's much better than the paddock stand I was using.

lovin my handy stands....
I am curious about about this stand you are talking about. Do you know of a website or something that has the NWS ulti-pro? I have a Suzuki rear wheel stand and it works well for me but, NO ONE gets around my bike so I do not have to worry about it getting knocked over.