Gen 2 Hayabusa rear wheel spindle/axel siezed. Please help!

After purchasing a new chain and sprocket set, I have come to fit it and realised that my rear axel A.K.A spindle is siezed up.

I have tried whacking it several times, for hours, with a rubber mallet with rear paddock stand in use, wheel propped up, wheel on ground on side stand. You name it I have tried it, unless I am missing something obvious.

Can anyone please assist me as I've run out of ideas.

*I have sprayed a lot of lube on all possible areas.
Wheel does not seem to be buckled and everything else seems straight too.
I'm an all weather rider so I can assume the harsh winter has took a major impact and badly siezed the spindle. Also note that the spindle does look rather rusty*
Estimated 4k miles since wheel was last removed.

Thank you guys!

Edit* May I add that the spindle has not moved one bit since all I have tried above^*
Sorry. May I add that I tried a metal hammer with the nut on the end of the axel and it didn't work. I have however not tried heat on the bearings. I'll give it a shot during the next few days and update you with my progress.
Thanks mate!
have someone hold the front of the bike..... put bike on rear stand.... put some boots on.... get a running start.... BOOT IT HARD...…..kick the rear tire as hard as you can.... a pair of rockies boots helps.... this is known as "Putting the BOOTS to the bike"


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Here is what you need to do: You see at the top, where it says "Search"? Click on that, and type in "Seized Axle" - read the results (as I just did) and I suspect you will find the help you are looking for.

If not, you can always cut thru the axle with a saw (will also ruin your inserts), then you can take a hammer/torch whatever to it and get it out...but I'd consider that a nuclear option.

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