Overheating, what else can happen?


Used to be a SoCal Busa
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I lived in Daytona Beach prior to Santa Monica. Bike Week and Biketoberfest were great. But the busa and other covered engine sport bikes will overheat with no airflow. So there I am gettin too hot in traffic that is barely crawling. I turn off the busa for 20mins and just walked it forward when traffic moved. Then I turn the key, temps lookin great, nice and cool, but she won't start!! why:
While I was idling in traffic, the rpms were too low to run the lights and charge the battery(I was idling in traffic for about an hour before temp got too high). The battery powers your lights when your idling. Idle long enough, and you'll completely drain the battery. Run the rpms up to keep the battery good and you'll overheat real fast.....................
Just thought I'd share this so I could spare the pain I went through that day. First an overheated bike then a dead battery.