Other forum I'm on hacked!

Blanca BusaLess

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The other forum I look at sometimes has been hacked and locked by some whacko!
FloridaConcealedCarry dot com

I didn't put the www or . there because I'm not sure if it would draw him here but I know there are some hi power minds here and maybe one of you can offer assistance to the owners which seem to be struggling freeing it up?
Not sure how that works, I googled the site and my anti virus McAfee lists it as a dangerous site now. Hackers suck.
It was hacked by a guy supporting Assad and it has links and pics of FSA torture and blames America for killing Arabs and a bunch of other total whacked out stuff. I look at it thru my iPhone so I figure I'm safe? But it covers the whole page completely and you can't do anything other than say wtf?
I'm just pissed cuz I started an ammo thread there and can't open it to read the answers. :( :banghead: