Ordered my leathers today...

I knew it I knew it I knew it.......... My leathers came in and they would have fit my oldest son..... they ordered 42 Euro which was like a 32 US (yeah right like thats gonna fit). anyway I was hot so I got my money back and I am back on the lookout for leathers again.. anyone got any insight this time? Any hookups out there?

doug, my kobe dragon 1 piece is a super nice suit. got it from the group buy from 1888fastlap. get ahold of james aka chromekid(and some numbers). i paid $495 shipped for my suit. i would say you could fit into a size 54 suit. i ordered the 56 and had to have it altered a bit to make it a bit more fitted.
I really dont want one piece, I would burn up at the races...