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Need tires for my 07 i just bought. It has the original BT056's on it, bike only has 3700 miles. Not worried about tire life so much, just grip for handling this beast. The local shop has BT016 pros on sale for 220 the pair plus mounting, what do busa riders think of these? I've never kept a bike long enough to wear out a set of tires. I can get Pirelli Diablo rossos at the same kind of deal, I've had two sets of those on a ZX9R and a CBR600RR, and they were pretty good too. Just looking for advice.


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IF you can find the Q3 at even close to the price, buy the Q3! IT's a BETTER tire than the 016Pro even thought the 016Pro isn't that bad a tire.


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The BT016 is a great tire and will serve you well. However, as skydivr says, the Dunlop Q3 is a generation ahead and well worth the extra $12 bucks.
And guess what, I had that 07 for 5 weeks, sold it and regretted it so I bought a 13 Yellow limited edition brand new. It will be around for awhile.
Good choice! Just be careful with the 13 Yellow LE, as it's a colour that seems to catch the eye of the ladies :whistle:

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