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Ok I allways get frustrated and/or angry when the Cagers do something stupid especially if it endangers me & my Busa. Any of us care to share stupid mistakes or close calls we have made on our bikes that were our faults?
I'll start, today 1/5/03 about 2:00 pm blasting up my favorite stretch of road, high beam on, I am following 2 cars and they are moving at least 20 mph over the speed limit. After we pass the last side streets before open rural road, this is where I normally start to open the busa up ...I pass the first car ( solid line, but I know this road w/ my eyes closed... ) couple more turns behind the 2nd car... he's speeding up now with me on his tail and I know an open spot is coming up, ( again solid line ... ) when I get to the spot I raise up in the saddle to have a look down the road, speed about 70 + 3rd gear, I dont see any vehicles coming. Whack open the throttle and DAMN! sure enough there is a little sports car that was in a dip when I yanked out to pass... I was commited 1/2 past the other car allready, I'm guessin about 90 mph... kept my cool though open the throttle even more and split the lane right in between both cars.
This probly the most dangerous thing I have done to date. I am kinda surprized this didnt freak me out and have allways thought that if this situation happened the Bike is relatively narrow so just squeeze in between. And thats what I did. Maybe I got the idea from watching that French guy split lanes at 170 mph I dont know. Anyway after reflecting on this it was a dumb move that I skated by and hope I dont do it again. Ride safe my friends.

Any other brave souls wanna share their moments...?

Glad to hear that you made it through unscathed.  My only really stupid trip landed me in the hospital for three days.  I was riding with a couple of guys after work down a road that they ride everynight.  I have been down it maybe twice before then.  The first curve I was doing ok.  The second curve they pulled ahead of me.  I exited that curve and saw a long straight away and knew that I could catch up with them.  I kicked it down one and hit the gas.  I caught up with them just like I knew that I would.  The only thing that I didn't know was that the road turned one more time.  They made the curve but I didn't.  I saw them turning and paniced.  I hit the rear brake which just locked up the tire.  I felt the bike starting to come out from under me and said some really bad words.  At that point all I could do was get off the brakes and hope for the best.  I missed the guard rail but not the tree.  I remember going off the road and getting bounced all over.  Everything was just a blur then apparently I went airborn.  All of a sudden everything was clear as day and I saw it.  A big tree, before I could do anything about it there was a bright flash and I was laying on the ground.  I wound up breaking my right leg in four places.  So now I have two rods and three screws in there.  Which I will be haveing removed sometime in April.  So trust me when I say Stupid Hurts.  Be careful out there everybody,CRASHING SUCKS
This is about the spot where I made the booboo. The shot on the right shows the direction I was looking. Dumb, dumb, dumb. At least this section is kinda wide.

I was up on the Crest today and there was two cars, two bikes, then me. The lead bike passed the two cars across the double yellow going into a blind curve, sure enough a car came around the corner and the bike cut off the lead car, causing everyone to hit the brakes hard. I saw it coming so I had already backed off, thinking...Idiot! I don't feel like seeing anyone crash today!
Oh man so many stupid mistakes when I was younger . I washed the rear tire on a rotary just a light drizzle I had just dropped my daughter off and I ride very conservative with her on I thought I was Johnny road racer hit the rotary my new rear tire was not race compound like front rear tire passed me inm a hard lean I slid backwards it only fell over about 5 MPH by the time I couldnt hold it up any more I didnt even rip my jeans falling off . Picked it up and drove off broken clutch lever windshield and scratched plastic oh yah hurt ego alittle . Passed a friend on this curvy road we all new real well but we hadnt been down yet that day dirt on very hard 25MPH right hander let it go straight slid into the grass but not into ditch very close . 130 Down 201 out of Canada cause the wouldnt let us in tucked behind the windshield never saw the moose my friend said I almost hit . Another Curvy road fo;;owing alittle close to pass and they all hit the brakes hard for the corner dragged rear tire got sideways pointed into ditch went in ditch hit side of culvert and flew threw the air back onto the road Yes I would like to claim divine intervention no frikkin idea how I got back onto road they said I looked like Evil Kenevil . I jumped my old 600 FZ when I bought my Gixxer 750 over a Bon fire at a pit party does anyone have these anymore a party in the local gravel pit cause your to young to drink (I dont drink and ride I think I am just alittle mentally unstable) all bad judgment on my part I landed the bike but broke the tailight the dont jump well at all. I still have people I dont know there names come up to me and say remember when
??? I am a much more cautios rider now I stil goof off but not as indestuctable as I once thought I was .
Yesterday going to work I saw ahead of me what looked like a guy doing a standup wheelie in traffic with three other bikes with him. I'm not sure if he was or not because I was to far to back to tell. That is when a truck came up along side of me and I look over at it. That is when I saw what used to be a nice black and yellow GSXR. All of the front plastic was missing. I cought up with the other four bikes and saw that two of them were missing most of the plastic and the third one looked like it somewhat new unpainted plastic on it. Only one of the five bikes was still in one piece. Must have been a rough day for them.
I still like to do wheelies and I have done some stand up wheelies But I dont push my luck I like my bike to much to hurt her I see these guys going nuts maybe if I had an extra bike Hmmm theres a good reason to buy myself a nice 750
I will tell you in South Florida you have so many seniors that are going 30 miles per hour in the fast lane, it grinds on your nerves. On the other hand you will get Seniors that double their age to equal their speed. You just have to watch these buggers. STAY SAFE
Ninja..... Florida is called Gods waiting room!!!! I have been down there and many people do lane changes with out using their mirrors or turning their heads... Be careful