One Mile High Speed Shoot Out at a retired Air Bas


ATTENTION Racers and Performance Enthusiast!!
We (NASA Texas) have been conducting road race events in Texas for the last three years. An operator of a retired air base has agreed to rent us their facility for hosting a one-mile high-speed shoot out. We are all interested in finding a place to “runâ€￾ legally. Here is the chance to prove what you got and run wide open.

Also, we are seeking businesses that want to support the event through being a tech shop, contingency provider and/or awards supporter (through gift certificates, product and cash).

Here are some of the basics:
WHEN: Oct. 25-26, 2003
WHERE: Goliad, Texas (retired NAVY airfield)
STRUCTURE: 120 foot roll-out, 1 mile run with radar speeds being primary determination of victors backed by timing lights for tie breakers, ½ mile for shut-down
WELCOMING: Motorcycles, Performance Street Cars, Race Cars and Vintage Cars
DRIVERS and RIDERS: Prepared (Caged) Race Cars and Motorcycles Get the Chance to Join the 200+ mph Club of Texas; Other Street Cars can run to 180 mph. Win Trophies and Certificates. Working on providing contingencies and cash prizes.
A MOTORSPORTS FESTIVAL: Fun, Safe, well organized and legal. A Full Weekend of High Speeds, Other Festivities and Entertainment.  Car Shows. Beautiful Event Hostesses. Wheelie Contest. And More. JOIN IN ON THE FUN.

We are posting updates on the event at:
Please contact us with any questions: Thanks: Jay and Shannon Matus: 281-802-9863; Deanna Lewis: 817-243-2286;
Any chance of moving the airfield over here? Man, I wish I could be there!

Anyone gonna start talkin' trash? :tounge:
Sounds very nice. Wish I could get there. Although I would like to see 3/4 mile for a shut down @ 200+ miles per hour I like to shut down slow. :D
Sounds very nice.  Wish I could get there.  Although I would like to see 3/4 mile for a shut down @ 200+ miles per hour I like to shut down slow. :D
Hey Ninja, Have you considered using your front brakes some???  I hear that they really help.  

There is an article about Maxton North Carlina's high speed running in the Fall 2003 edition of Super Streetbikes. It's a peculiar new Magazine that seems focused on the extreme aspects of sport riding and Stunting...Kinda interesting anyway..