Okay so we went to vegas


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Okay so the girlfriend made me take the Busa to Vegas. 300 miles each way. I have Nelson Rigg bags for the bike and a tourmaster tank bag. They were all stuffed to the max. I'm sure I was taxing the weight limits of the bike. Anyway it was quite peaceful(read as boring) without having an intercom system to talk to my girlfriend. It was so peaceful that my girlfriend actually fell asleep a couple of times. Nice comforting thought huh? I could just picture her falling off while traveling along a nice and brisk 105 mph. Those of you who have been between Kingman and Hoover Dam know about the 50 mile (or so) long STRAIGHT peaceful(again boring) stretch. I will tell you that those bags and passenger severely limit top speed. Anyway, we saw another busa that had just come across the Hoover Dam on his/her way into Arizona. Anyone here? We stayed at Aladdin which by the way has terrible parking for bikes. It was a long walk from room to parking garage. It was kinda funny driving the bike down Las Vegas BLVD. We got lots of looks and pointing at the Mighty Busa!! Kinda Cool! We didn't take too many pics(about 100) and am in the process of making a Yahoo Photo album. I have about 30 there now so feel free to check them out. Oh and yes there is an obligatory cleavage shot due to the accidental discharge of the camera. Anyway here goes, will be adding more tomorrow.

Vegas and Hoover Dam
Cool pics. Any woman that will ride pillion for 600 miles deserves a Corbin rear seat with a backrest. Plus, she can get a better nap that way.
Two of my favorite places when I'm in Vegas. The Stratosphere and Hoover Dam. Did you ride the Big Shot? The Hard hat tour in the Dam is well worth the time. Make sure you call ahead for reservations, however.

What did you end up doing with the Bike. Did you feel comfortable leaving it in a remote parking garage?
Yes I do believe I have found several things that I need(want) to buy before the next trip. Actually there were several bikes parked in the same spot the whole time so I just checked up on her several times to ease my mind. I wanted to go on two of the rides at the Stratosphere, but she didn't want to so I didn't push it. I think she likes to ride more than me sometimes. I get ordered to take her places on the bike. I think I will be doing the backrest thing for her as well as a new seat for my scrawny butt. One of the nice things I could do though was stand up and get my butt massaged when we were going slow across the bridge. She is a massage therapist. I will get some more pics up when I get home from work this morning. Oh hey any info on the person we saw at the Dam on the busa coming into AZ? Later.
#12 is my favorite
Just kidding........well not really. But yeah Corbin passenger is a must. I know my wife goes no where without it.
Excellent Trip DJ! Looks like fun. Thanks for posting pics
Glad your girl loves riding - that has to be a great thing
I updated the photo album. I threw in some pics of my son Cody and daughter Jamie. Oh and another gratuitous cleavage shot, this time not accidental. It was fun. We are thinking of getting her an SV650s with lower fairing. Oh saw another busa on the way home from work this morning. Black and grey? Later.
awesome pics, thanks.
For us poor bums on the wrong side of the border, its a nice thought to dream of a 3000 mile trip.