Girlfriend wants to go to vegas


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So anyone have any suggestions for a place to stay with safe parking for the busa? I wish we could have gone a couple weeks ago to meet some of you that were there but had to work. Anyway, maybe I'll meet a local Vegas rider or two while there. Later and thanks.


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Dj, most all of the nicer hotels obviously have covered parking and the ones I have stayed at have assigned space for bike, not sure of your budget but all the nicer ones will do and have pretty good security.


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SHE wants to go to Vegas on the Busa? ? She's a keeper!!
Enjoy the trip

say, is that you in your avatar? is that a pic I took or other's handy work? looks like my "Batman Angle" photography



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Hey WWJD that pic is from you!! And yes she is a keeper. It's usually her tapping on my shoulder telling me to go faster and faster. It was also her that whispered in my ear asking me to do a wheelie. Of course I didn't see the cop behind me. He let me off with a warning. Anyway she is very cool and doesn't take too much crap from anyone and doesn't embarrass easily. Oh thanks for the input everyone. I was just worried about leaving the bike in a parking lot all night all alone with no one to ride her.


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Yep,sounds like a keeper to me...
BTW,a good friend of mine just came back from Arizona with a bunch of pics,ooh my god are there some nice places to ride!!!!


whenever i go out of town on the bike and take the bike, i find a hotel where i can get a room on the ground level and park the bike inside. as far as vegas, i havent gone there yet on the bike, but would love to.


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I can see it now. Trying to sneak the busa into a room at the Venitian or Bellagio.

Excuse me sir where do you think youre taking that. Sorry but no bikes in the rooms.

I've been there many times, but never had the busa with me.

Have fun and good luck at the tables


why ask why
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Yep,sounds like a keeper to me...
BTW,a good friend of mine just came back from Arizona with a bunch of pics,ooh my god are there some nice places to ride!!!!
you bet there is nice places to ride. Thanks again for the kick stand!

All upscale Casinos have secured parking. You might even get to park it in front of Vallet parking under the lights. Cool.


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I did a little web searching trying to find one of those ground level hotels with the parking lot right outside but not much was found. They don't really showcase the parking lots much. Hey maybe I could just ride the bike through the Belagio so I don't have to push it all the way. I'd love to leave some rubber all over the marble floors spelling out Hayabusa.ORG and maybe a few big bellowing clouds of tire smoke to ward off the bugs in their courtyard flower garden. Wishful thinking I guess. This whole trip idea was kinda last minute so we still may not even go but If I do I will let you all know what where we stayed. I will take lots of pics and learn how to post them for you all to see.


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Thanks again for the kick stand!
No problem bro.

Dang,she's cute!


If you dont mind cheap the Motel 6 off of Tropicanna has ground level rooms... they wont let you put the bike insie but you can usally leave it right next to your door. Or let me know when and i can park mine right next to yours... I have some really good security for
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