Ok, I'll Say It - What A Game! Super Bowl Li


oRg Gal
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I was pulling for the Falcons, but it was a great game until the end, right up until that last stinkin' moment :laugh:

Can't believe Atlanta was up by 25 and just let it all go :popcorn:


I would love to know how many Atlanta fans left their super bowl party thinking it was over, went home, turned on their TVs and went, "what in the world just happened?". LOL!!!!

I don't watch football and went to a friend's super bowl party just for the food and to talk to a girl I like, but I have to say, I actually sat through this whole game.


That's my team,have been bummed 'cause the Gronk's been out from a back surgery and like everyone else thought the game was pretty much over going into the 3rd quarter but they came back hard and pulled it out.The only Falcon I felt sorry for was Ryan,the rest of that team was doin' way too much show boatin' for my taste and glad their azzes lost.The Patriots are pretty much like the Yankees(also my boys),the teams America loves to hate because of their success.:laugh:

I don't care who you are,you have to love Gronk;


Mike Chambers

I know not everyone was pulling for the Pats. I get it...but honestly one has to be a fan of the game before any certain team. And if that's the case, every fan should be thrilled to have witnessed this game. And the talents that produced it.
I couldn't find a Pats top, although I was given a Rams Jersey. Not sure if there a good team going through a rough patch but looks flash. Had a homeless person in Auckland city try to step me out for,he got smacked in the head for his trouble

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