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Here's the deal:  I also happen to own a Honda CR500, and it's a ground-pounding, fire-breathing s.o.b.  But it's NOT the same as a Hayabusa.  (Obviously)

Over on the CR500 message board, there are one or two guys that claim that people are modifying 500 cc dirt bikes to run low 9's in the quarter mile.  

Am I way off base to think these guys are totaly bonkers?  Has this been done?  CAN it be done?

Here's the link.  (It starts out as a different topic)   http://www.network54.com/Hide....7292584

Be warned:  The guy is trying to get me all fired up by bashing the Hayabusa.  I have no interest in his trolling comments, and it's annoying him that I won't get into a pissing match to defend the Hayabusa.  I just simply want to know more about these fabled MX500 machines that will do the same thing as a Hayabusa.

Someone give me some info on this please.

It's been a long time since I heard that claim. I have heard rumors, more like urban legends, that the CR500's are real quick in the 1/4. I have never heard of one in the 9's. The run out of steam before the 1/4. Sorry I couldn't give you more of a definitive answer.
Yea I'm not sure either but, people don't realize how fast a 9 second quarter mile is... I woulds be seriously hard pressed to believe that it would run that.. Hold on let me call a friend of mine be back...
bah, it's a crock of poop. Anytime you hear the words-

"my friend says"
"horsepower to weight ratio"
"this guy I knew"
"One time at the track"
"I cant show you, but call xyz and he'll tell you"

It's bs. I'm sure it's a great bike, and I'm sure it hauls ass and it's alot of fun, but 8 second quarter miles? Come on

Yes, horsepower to weight ratio says my 9 ounce RC car engine that produces 1.6 horsepower should allow me to accelerate like an F1 Mclaren, but reality says otherwise

We need some video, some proof, a picture, something. I'm about to go on there and say my GS500 with turbo, NOS, cams, and a 240 rear tire will run 7's

LOL it was a funny post though

BULLCRAP!!!!!!! SEEING IS BELIEVING IN THIS CASE. He might beat you out of the start. but after a 1/8 mile that bike does not have torque or power to keep accelarating to a 9 second quarter mile. It might be quick but 9 seconds is a very fast time for low displacement bike
I hate to be on the other side of the fence here but I will say the only ones I have seen where in the 8th mile not quarter and have been tricked out as far as a slick extended swingarm custom gears and sprockets etc and they where very fast very light and 2 stroke power. Have you ever seen a snowmobile run with one of those asphalt tracks and wheels. They where running some incredible times in the quarter mile in NH I can not say I have seen one in the 9s but I would almost believe it
Sad, but true. This feat is possible but (and this is a big BUT), it is generally only performed by the big boy sponsered bikes. Case in point follow this link to read about some of the world records. Twostrokerecords
Another thing to remember is If you did the same kinds of mods to your otherwise stock Busa, You'd kill any 500cc or smaller bike. Note: some of the bigger two-strokes might give our bikes a fit!
One last thing MORTORQUE or whatever he calls himself. Your so Full of .....................! You were right when you said they were digging. Sounds like he doesn't own anything over the standard mods, But he wishes he did type. Lots and lots of blah blah blah about things he might of read or heard. I've been racing two-stroke motors for about ten years and something smells fishy. Next time your on that post Ask him this one question; "If two-strokes are so grand, Why don't they run them in the big boys cars?" Last time I checked I didn't see any two strokes in the Nitro Methane dragsters! Sorry guys made me have to vent here. I wonder if this guy is cousins of Supra Loser?
1/8 maybe, 1/4 no way. Tell him to put his money where is mouth is. I will be more then happy to stomp his *#@! into the ground. And I'm sure that I'm not the only one who would volunteer to do so.
REMEMBER: Hes talking about a heavily modified 2stroke.
Find out how much hes spent in add-ons, put
that money into my Busa and once again another
record will be held by GODZUKI.


#### yes, it will beat a Hayabusa!!
It's one of the fastest bikes ever built when modified correctly.
It can beat the Busa in almost any race.
It has almost no contenders in a performance war due to it's intrinsically superior innards.
I would not ever race one!!!

And then I woke up...
be aware,
off road bikes when built properly have some hella time. they have absolutely no weight and they can come #### close to beating the hp to weight ratio...yeah I said it, it's true. whould I take a CR500 over my bus...#### no, I like the bus.
I'm a motocross guy, so maybe I can fit some experienced input in here.

Nope...I don't think they're doing 9's on a CR500

It's a powerful bike, it has a low Power to Weight ratio, but with factory internal gearing....I don't think it can do it.

I'm going to take your link to a motocross board I frequent and let those geniuses ponder it.

I'll let you know what they think

Dave @ Engine Ice
Enough money can do just about any thing. I Have seen a Pinto run a 7.42 in the quarter. However 772 ci engine, 2 stage nitrous fogger setup, 2 1200 cfm carbs, and more money in mods then I have ever had (about $90,000).

All I know is that I own a Busa and it's real #### fast; and these guys talking smack owns nothing but a dirt bike.

Very experienced motocross guys seem to conclude, NO

Including one who's an engineer and is now also the top photographer in the industry (most pro mx pics you see are his)...

If you'd like to read the opinions of a very experienced motocross crowd, go to:

Check in quite a bit, as it seems this topic has raised quite a few replies and I'm sure more will be coming.

Dave @ Engine Ice
I'm sure if you modify a Yamaha YZ50 enough it'll run 9's...that guy on the tsrsoftware.com site even states that he's using aftermarket products and 110 octane gas. Put that thing on the dragstrip bone stock and let's see what it'll do! NINES? I think not. Probably 12's...
From a power point-of-view, it may be possible with nitro methane. However, being able to run NM requires some hefty mods.

Of course, this is on a 2-cycle, so I am not sure if/how one would run that fuel on that bike.

Powerplant issues aside, laying that much power down to the pavement on a light bike with a high center of gravity and thin tires....

I would have to see it to even begin to understand it.
I dont think anyone would take it to the track with knobbies on it I have seen them with modified swingarms and slicks but basically stock other than that again that was 8th mile too
with enough money, you can make anything fast. Throw $200,000 at any vehicle, from a snowmobile to a harley, and it's going to be very fast.

But who wants to spend all that money just to say "I've got the fastest snowmobile in southern florida. It runs 9 second quarter miles, I've spent over $40,000, I'm broke, my wife left me 5 months ago, I'm living in my car, but damnit my snowmobile is smokin' fast! wooo hoooo!!!"

I dont understand it. If it's not what you want stock, then get something else