2004 dyno chart


ok, im doing resurce on the hayabusa 2004. I cant find any info on dyno chart anywhere on the net. And its peeing me off. All i get is tubo this and turbo that charts. I plan on buying the 2005 when it comes out, but so far my resurch is totaly leading me to the hayabusa. can anyone of you guys help me out. I am new to the board so you will here allot from me because i have alot questions. thanks Guys
The bike has remained mostly unchanged since its inception in '99. Yeah yeah, I know, perhaps slight differences in output from one bike to the next, from one year to the next, but nothing to get too excited about. It's not like Suzuki's either substantially detuned the bike nor have they added handfuls of horsepower.

Therefore, finding an '04 dyno chart shouldn't be that big a deal so long as you can get any dyno chart from a stock, normally aspirated Hayabusa.

Thank me later.....
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Your ranges for a stock Busa are 151-158hp at the wheel
Add pipes and flow air filter and a PC 166-171hp depending on the bike and pipes.
Thanks you guys for the help, i didnt know if any changes where made that made a difference. that is what i was looking for. Thank you again, this is a great place to be.:D