Did the Dyno


There was a free dyno day over the weekend, so I had to check it out. Had them dyno my Busa with WileyCo Bolt-on's and had the highest numbers that day. I was hoping LoBusa would show up, I wanted to meet her and check out her Busa.

Here's my chart.

The only thing I have done to the power train is swap out the muffler's. The Busa has all the power I need for the immediate future.
Sane_Man, I got a pair of WileyCo slip-ons for my wife's Duc Supersport....they're well-made, sound good, good fit & finish & hardware, and have a lifetime guarantee (stainless packing).  Plus, they were VERY inexpensive compared to Ferraci, Ducati Performance, Termignoni, etc.  WileyCo is big in Italy, but few people here in the States are aware of them.
A lot of Katana riders use them, but you're right, not many people heard of Wiley Co. They do sound really nice, at idle the low frequencies shake the garage walls.