New guy here ...

Here is one...More to come ..My puter is a little slow ..Lee..

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I'm no rocket scientist, but is that 6 cylinders??? Watch out for those drive-bys... one wrong spark and that tank will go up like Marilyn Monroe's dress over a sidewalk vent
Welcome to the board. If find yourself spending more time with the Busa then anyone/anything else, don't worry that is normal.
Hopefully you saw the articles in MotorCyclist magazine a few months ago where they did a special on the CBX's history and restoration?
Congrats on the Busa and welcome to the board. Sounds like you have had some great rides in the past!
Thanks again guys!! So many posts to welcome me! What a great site!
I will try to shoot some pictures of the new Busa this week and get them posted..:) Lee..
Man..........You've got to get rid of that neon're killing us here.

And welcome to the board

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