New guy here ...


Hello all , i just picked up my 2005 Hayabusa today! I was able to put a few miles on it tonight and what a blast! I have two other bikes , 79 CBX and a 2005 ZRX1200R..and over the years i had a few more , 1985 Vmax, GS1000,GS1100,more than a few kaw 900s and 1000s, RD350 and a hand full of 750 kaw trips ..I have built a few turbo bikes (years ago) that ran in the 9s ..So powerfull bikes are not new to me ..But with that said this Hayabusa is just plain Nasty! I can't beleave Suz had the balls to build a rocket like this Hayabusa .. Good thing they did cause i love it!! ..Lee...
Yeah, its pretty great and hasn't worn off yet, at least on me. Welcome to the board, lots of good info/knowledgeable people here.
Welcome. I think you'll find you have a lot in common with most of the members on this board.

Please post pictures of your CBX if you have them, I have fond memories of that bike.

And the RD350 - that was a mean machine.
Welcome to the board HemiBusa. It sounds like we have similar tastes. I always wanted a CBX, but never got my hands on one. I did however own an 85 V-Max for many years, and currently own an '02 ZRX (red) in addition to my '03 Pumpkin Busa. Great minds think alike I guess!
Thanks all for the warm welcome ....I see some here have the same taste in bikes me and that's as it should be...
The CBX in it day was the bad boy as was the Vmax .. Do you see a trend here?? I have allways tried to own the cream of the crop and from my first ride on the Busa i got the cream again! I'm going to injoy the web site and look forward to meeting the members .. I Hope maybe to see some of you at bike week here in sunny FL ..Lee..
Welcome aboard & congrats on your new ride. Oh! we love pics.
Welcome, Hemi. I just joined yesterday but I'm still on the fence deciding what to get. I see you owned a GS 1000; I owned two 1979's and a 1980 GS1100 at different points in my life. Your words about the Busa further reinforced what I'm leaning towards doing, and I thank you  for that. Enjoy!

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