I have a 2007 hayabusa I bought new and would like to know the best oil I can use in it, and when I will be able to use syn. Thank you for your time.

Ok, well I bought the bike, it was brand new, I was told by the shop to wait till 12000 miles before I use syn. I wanted a good oil that I could find local, it has about 2000 miles on it and I have already changed the oil at 700, and would like to change about every 1000 or 1500. I need to know a oil that I may use that I can buy at walmart, or a local auto parts store if that is possible.

Thank you,

I always get motul from bike shops, no need to change so often either. I used a synthetic since I got the bike at about 5000 miles on it and mine is still running great and recently turbo'd and now running AWESOME!!!! I would save the money on the extra oil changes and just get some good oil from any local bike shop, Amsoil is good too and a lot of guys run Mobile 1 it seems but I am not sure which type exactly
ok, i see, syn is going to be the oil change after next,about 4000 miles on it, so if you use syn and ride it normal, and get on the throdle only once in a while, what would be the change interval?

thank you
Oh no not this again....

I use Bel-Ray EXR racing oil. Change my oil every 1000 miles. I have never used synthetic oil but once and 2nd gear kept missing, so I went back. :whistle:

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